the brand

Launched in 2015, Dare to Rug is the first Romanian designer brand that creates hand-tufted rugs, mixing craft and design inspired by traditional patterns.

Dare to Rug was created by Andreea Batros and Flavia Scînteanu - best friends with a huge passion for design, having the courage to challenge designers and individuals around the world to embrace their love for rugs.

Blending contemporary design with the best materials in the traditional process of creating rugs was their main concern when they imagined Dare to Rug. Their love for inspiring design now stands at the core of their brand.




.After a thorough research we found the factory that suited our requirements in terms of materials, craft and ethical working environment. And so we began to create rugs that convey emotions. We dedicate a big part of our time to respecting ethical and ecological standards in the productions of our rugs and to searching for the best alternatives to produce rugs.


Rug craftsmanship means great attention to detail, working with your hands, and infinite possibilities for design. 


Hand-tufting is a manual process on stretched cotton fabric, using a ‘tufting gun’ which shoots out and cuts the wool to follow the pattern design. The wool is then bonded to the base with a layer of glue. Once the glue has dried, the carpet is placed on the finishing surface for shearing, carving and bevelling. This technique can be used to create different heights of pile, loop finishes and all designs and colours.

It means endless possibilities for design, using the best natural materials. The production process is faster and the result is a resistant, great quality rug.


Our main material comes from the sheep of New Zealand; they offer the best wool for our product, renowned for its beauty, flexibility, bright color and resistance in time. Natural wool rugs are recyclable, biodegradable and help protect the environment.


Cotton makes a breathable, tough and comfortable protection for the back of the rug. Although there are more possibilities of materials for the back of the rug, we chose to have 100% natural cotton, as it offers a great protection, and therefore longer life to the rug.